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Delivering goods, Packages or fast Delivery

National and international destinations.

Delivering packages to and from England

We can deliver your packages from Satu Mare, Maramures and Bihor countries to England and back.

Delivery 24/7 to any national or international destination

Choose us for delivering your produscts and goods. Using CMR isurance we provide the safest transportation for your products, even in the case of stolen cargo the whole costs are recompensated.

Fast Delivery

Choose our fast delivery service and we will get your goods to the preferred destination safe and fast as possible.

Machines and heavy cargo transportation up to 1500 Kg.

Heavy machinery or heavy loads? We provide transportation up to 1500 Kg, call us today!

Our Offers

  • June. 07, 2012

    Come and travel with 3 of your friends, and you pay only half the price.

  • May. 07, 2012

    After 5 trips to Budapest, the 6th is free!

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